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10 New Cookbooks That Make Great Father’s Day Gifts

updated May 12, 2023
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Dads are notoriously hard to shop for. Usually it’s less so because they’re picky, and more so that they say they don’t need anything. That means when you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that the dad(s) in your life will actually enjoy, you have to do a little creative thinking. One thing every dad can use more of? Inspiration! Especially in the form of recipes and cooking advice from professional chefs.

We always recommend giving cookbooks as gifts for just about any occasion, and these books offer a nice variety of cuisines and cooking styles, so you’ll have an easy time finding the right choice for you. These books also have a broader perspective beyond the usual slabs-of-meat-on-the-grill cookbooks usually marketed to dads (although we still found a few excellent meat-centric ones worth considering!). Whichever book speaks to you most, we’re sure it will help Dad enjoy his time in the kitchen (or on the grill) even more.

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"Five Ways to Cook Asparagus" is for the home cook who's looking to freshen up their approach to dinnertime. The book is arranged by ingredient so a busy dad faced with the task of getting dinner on the table can easily flip to a recipe based on what’s on hand. Using the number five as a focus, Miller covers a wide arrange of food groups and basic recipes, as well as a few more complex weekend recipes.

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The Big Aristotle, Diesel, Superman, Shaq Daddy, The Real Deal — these are all nicknames given to the legendary Shaquille O’Neil by none other than himself. As a family man who loves to laugh and is very sure of who he is today, it only makes sense that his cookbook would be a celebration of his love of food, family, fun, and — of course — himself. Get ready for low-stress comfort food fit for the whole family. Also, Dad doesn't have to be a basketball fan to appreciate the hearty and classic recipes in this book — it has dishes everyone can enjoy.

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Chili crisp is one of the world's most magical and flavorful condiments, and this cookbook with more than 50 chili-crisp-inspired recipes is perfect for dads who like their food spicy. The great thing about cooking with chili crisp is that you can use it both in recipes with longer lead times, such as in a meat marinade, or you can simply drizzle it over dishes for a quick garnish of deliciousness. This book includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, and fun fact: It was written by one of Kitchn's very own video producers, James Park.

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If the dad in your life likes to explore new cuisines, then this cookbook will make him (and the people he cooks for) very happy. More than just a cookbook, this handsome volume offers stories and insights into Burma, a country with a rich and intriguing culture that is still somewhat mysterious to many people. With a surprisingly simple list of pantry ingredients and produce, the party can be moved to the home kitchen where vibrant and evocative scents will fill your house and deliciousness will satisfy every belly. The photographs capture everything beautifully, opening up this world and making this book a true treasure to be enjoyed on many levels.

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A lot of guys like their meat and their barbecue, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, this cookbook has a special twist because it’s a father/daughter project where the father is a world-renowned barbecue hall-of-famer and the daughter is the marketing and personality behind the family business. With almost 100 recipes ranging from spices and sauces to an entire chapter on a whole hog roast, this book moves beyond a family tale and into a credible resource for all things meaty and wonderful.

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It’s so easy to take the ubiquitous egg for granted, but a quick glance at this cookbook will convince you that the egg is actually a culinary luminary of the first order. There is just so much to know, understand, and celebrate about this (when you think about it) kind-of-bizarre food. If Dad loves nerdy details and has an irreverent approach to life and cooking, then he will dive into this Lucky Peach-produced book with enthusiasm. It has history, interesting facts and anecdotes, charts and lists, and most importantly, egg-centric recipes from all over the world.

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This vegetarian-friendly cookbook will instruct and inspire any dad who wants to get more vegetables on the table and into his family. Chef and author Joshua McFadden recognizes not four but six seasons, taking on two extra phases of summer when the vegetable harvest is at its most prolific. But he does not ignore the quieter winter and spring months, with plenty of recipes for the times when seasonal eating might not seem easy and the choices not as obvious. The emphasis on seasonal growing and farm life would make this book an excellent choice for a frequent cook or gardener.

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We already recommended this book in our Mother’s Day cookbook post, but it's perfect for Father’s Day, too. With humor and infectious enthusiasm, Samin will take the dad in your live by the hand and give him everything he needs to be a crackerjack on-the-fly cook. And if more straight-up recipe following is where he is at, "Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat" has that, too. More than half the book contains recipes for classic and inventive takes on soups, salads, mains, sauces, and desserts.

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This is the perfect cookbook for a dad who lives in an urban area where unusual ingredients and well-stocked grocery stores and farmers markets abound. Fox plays with unusual flavors, textures, and combinations, which in the end results in deeply rewarding, innovative food. "On Vegetables" also chronicles Fox’s tumultuous story from fame to ruin and back to (a much more sustainable) fame again. That, along with lots of instructional material, expands this cookbook into an interesting read and a very personal, beautiful, and useful offering from a talented chef.

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Get this movie-inspired cookbook for the dad who wants to take family movie night to the next level by recreating famous dishes from both popular flicks and classic cinema. The author is better known for his YouTube channel, Binging with Babish, where he cooks food from his favorite movies and TV shows, so this cookbook is a collection of some of his most successful and fun recipes. Plus, this set includes a microwaveable popcorn maker so Dad can have a treat when dinner's done.