7 Glass Pendant Lights to Hang in Your Kitchen

published Aug 3, 2015
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(Image credit: Ecostruct)

Glass pendant lamps are one of our favorite ways to illuminate a kitchen. Pendant lamps have been popular for a long time — especially over island counters or dining tables — but we’ve seen more and more clear glass lamps popping up recently.

Why are they so great? Mostly because they are almost invisible in your space. This can be a huge deal for a small kitchen or dining area. Adding a clear glass pendant gives you all the benefits of that style without obstructing the view in your kitchen or blocking the natural light. Here are seven great examples of them in real kitchens.

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Pass-Through – Ecostruct (Image credit: Ecostruct)
  • Pass-Through – Ecostruct: Clear lighting is especially important in a pass-through counter situation. You don’t want to obstruct your view of what’s happening in the kitchen, but you still need to have enough light over the dining area.
  • Glass Droplets – Exquisite Kitchen Design: While the fixtures on these teardrop-shaped lights are still visible, the glass shades don’t add any visual bulk.
  • Traditional Modern Mix – Terracotta Design Build Co.: This kitchen combines many styles, and the see-through pendants help keep the space from feeling too jumbled or discordant.
  • Traditional Cones – Boor Bridges Architecture: These lights are very traditional in shape, but they are made fresher and lighter by being in clear glass. We can see why you wouldn’t want to block any of the natural light in this kitchen.
  • Globes – Terracotta Design Build Co.: These simple globes are nothing terribly fancy, but they add a bit of grandeur without overwhelming the kitchen.
  • Open Rafters – DJE Design: The high ceilings and open rafters of this home remodel called for lighting that wouldn’t disrupt the lofty feeling in the space.
  • Dining Table – The Line: Don’t forget about using glass pendants over the dining table, like they did in this apartment. The beautiful, sculptural fixtures are the perfect touch in the mostly minimalist space.