7 Essentials from west elm for an Organized Kitchen

Knowing a few solid knife skills and basic recipes aren’t the only ingredients to making good food; having an organized kitchen gives you a huge advantage when cooking. As part of our partnership with west elm this month, let us share a few of our favorite organization items that make the kitchen feel peaceful and in order, which lets you get the job done without stress.

  1. Rustic Shelf – Kitchen, $119 – This shelf gives you all the space you need to keep your most frequently used spices and oils close at hand, plus a rod for hanging hand towels.
  2. Universal Expert Beech Wood Shelves – Wine Rack, $60 – If you’re short on cabinet space, this shelf will take care of your wine-related needs with room for an armful of bottles and enough glasses for your dinner parties.
  3. Square Lacquer Trays, $24-$35 – A lacquered tray next to the stove keeps all of your small counter-top cooking aids, from olive oil bottles to salt cellars, corralled neatly in one space. The lacquer brings a splash of color to the kitchen, and wipes down easily.
  4. Universal Expert Notice Board, $45 – I don’t know about you, but for me, no matter how digitized my life gets, there are still papers—many of them uber important—that stack up, and most often it’s in the kitchen. Dry cleaning receipts, calendars from school, missed package slips, and handwritten notes from loved ones. Organize them with this wall-mounted notice board, and leave the counters for cooking.
  5. Rabbit Hook, $16 – Sometimes a kitchen doesn’t have a good oven rail or refrigerator handle to hang your towels on. But I bet you have a few square inches of wall space for an adorable rabbit hook!
  6. Universal Expert Storage Caddy, $45 – Even though people can’t see under the sink, it’s no excuse to just throw all your cleaning supplies down there haphazardly. Organizing the unseen parts of the kitchen can help you be more of a calm and happy cook and this gorgeous caddy will not only keep that under-sink area organized, but it might make you want to clean more often!
  7. Le Parfait Glass Jars, $8-$12 – Have you switched to jars for your food storage yet? You have no idea how peaceful a kitchen gets when you toss all the packaging and go with glass instead. You can instantly see your food and how much of it you have.

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