6 Unexpected Ways to Create Awesome Salty-Sweet Cookies

updated May 2, 2019
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It’s a well known fact that salty-sweet things are the darlings of the baking world. Who doesn’t love adding salted caramel or nuts to cookies, cakes, and brownies? Crazy people. These six recipes take this important combination to the next level by adding unique salted things into the mix. The best part is you probably have most of these salty ingredients at home!

The majority of these salty mix-ins are standard snacks at any grocery store. These snacks also add a unique texture into the mix compared to your standard salted caramel. I’m particularly a huge fan of adding potato chips to cookies – the subtle crunch is addictive.

1. Sweet & Salty Potato Chip CookiesSally’s Baking Addiction (pictured above) These ones also have the added bonus of toffee.
2. Salty Buttery Popcorn CookiesBiscuitwallah This cookie has such a unique texture and look to it! Hard not keep eating them.
3. Malted Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies Satisfy My Sweet Tooth
4. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies Gal on a Mission Of course there are lots of recipes that include bacon in cookies. Of course.
5. Salty + Sweet Sesame CookiesGirl Versus Dough The sesame adds a super subtle saltyness and great texture.
6. Chocolate Ritz Stuffed Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie The Kitchen Magpie