6 Sun-Filled Kitchens with Greenhouse Windows

published Oct 8, 2014
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Just because you don’t have outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t put your green thumb to good use. Consider installing a greenhouse window in your kitchen. Not only will you be able to grow herbs and small plants, but you’ll have something much more pleasant to look at while doing the dishes.

And if installing a new window isn’t in your budget, there are plenty of ways to DIY a version of your own. Here are six inspiring examples.

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Anthology (Image credit: Anthology)
  1. Not just for plants: This bright green DIY greenhouse window proves that you can store more than plants in one. Just remember that paper or fabric items (or even some plastics) can fade, so be careful what you put in the sun.
  2. Don’t block all the light: Just because your plants need sunlight doesn’t mean you don’t. Make sure that you still have enough light filtering through your greenhouse especially if it’s over your sink.
  3. Go big: If you have the space (and the means), you can make your whole kitchen feel like a greenhouse. Not only will you get great light, but you’ll be able to survey your backyard while cooking.
  4. Step away from the sink: Your greenhouse window doesn’t have to go right above your sink. Yes, it’s a traditional place for it, but you can incorporate one wherever you get the most light in your kitchen.
  5. Install one anywhere: You don’t need to be doing a kitchen renovation to get a greenhouse window. Instead, you can install plexiglass shelves in an existing window frame to create a living (and air-purifying) curtain.
  6. A little or a LOT: Okay, so technically this isn’t someone’s home. It’s an idea house built by Middlebury students for a solar decathlon. The theme is self-reliance, and with an indoor greenhouse like that, you could definitely be self-reliant in terms of herbs and small greens.