6 Skirted Cabinets for Your Dreamy Cottage Kitchen

(Image credit: 79 Ideas)

I’ve been facing a design conundrum in my rental kitchen for quite some time. We have a counter in front of our brick wall, but the counter is atop some simple open shelving. It’s nothing to look at, but we’ve done our best with pretty storage containers. Although lately, I’ve felt tempted to find ways to hide our open storage, which is why I’m considering adding fabric.

I definitely had visions of gingham skirted cabinets and dainty florals that would look at home in a country kitchen, but not my Brooklyn kitchen. That’s until I did some digging and found these enviable cottage kitchen examples. Now, I just might be convinced to skirt my open shelves.

  • Striped Linen – 79 Ideas: This Australian kitchen knows how to do beautiful simplicity. I love how the striped linen looks with the raw wood and exposed brick.
  • Black & White – Home & Garden: The fastest way to avoid looking too country-ish is by going with a black and white palette. Yes, this might be a checked fabric, but it’s far from gingham.
  • Bright Color – The Cross Interior Design: What better way to liven up a sleek white kitchen than with a pop of color? The orange and pink sink combination is delightfully shocking in this otherwise simple kitchen.
  • Butcher Block – Lonny: I’m not sure that this color scheme is quite right for me, but I do love the idea of skirting a butcher block. This one is made all the more interesting because it’s round.
  • Natural Linen – BHG: This natural linen blends in almost completely. It would be a great choice for someone who wants a very simple look.
  • Dish Towels – Vignette Design: Yes, this shot might actually come from a store, but I love the idea of using vintage dish towels. It’s not quite my style, but it does really play off the theme.