6 Signs Your Friends Are Throwing You a Surprise Party

published Apr 19, 2017
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Your friends are not nearly as sneaky as they think they are. If you know what to look for, there are plenty of telltale signs that they’re throwing you a surprise party. Here are some obvious giveaways.

P.S.: Happy birthday!

1. Your BF/roommate/SO is being weird.

You’re used to having total access to your boyfriend’s cell phone, but all of a sudden, he’s being cagey about it. He’s texting people more than normal and you’re pretty sure you saw him looking at bunting banners online.

2. No one is talking about your birthday.

We promise you: Your friends did not forget your birthday. They know when it is. They also know that, if they talk to you about your birthday, they might get tripped up and accidentally ruin the surprise. The logic is if they stick to safer subjects, they should be in the clear.

3. Only one person has made plans with you.

If you have a whole squad of friends and only one person has set up dinner or drinks, that’s the person who has been put in charge of bringing you to the party. Be suspicious but amenable.

4. Everyone seems to be busy.

If you’ve tried to organize something yourself and everyone seems to have plans, see sign number two (above). People did not forget your birthday; they just have pre-planned excuses, as to not complicate the scheme.

5. Your friend is being a stickler for time.

So it’s the night of your birthday and you’re out to drinks with a friend. She tells the waiter you don’t have time for a second drink but then she’s walking all slow and stopping to window shop at random stores. Then, look! It’s 8:15 and you guys have got to go. Move it!

6. She makes you open the door first.

It’s happening! You’re about to be surprised! If your friend makes a decent deal about letting you walk in first, brace yourself — she’s doing this so that people can jump out at you.

Have your friends ever thrown you a surprise party? Did you figure it out ahead of time?