Small-Space Kitchens

6 Reasons to Be Proud of Your Ridiculously Small Kitchen

updated Jul 16, 2020
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While we all might fantasize about having a sprawling kitchen, à la our favorite Nancy Meyers movies, reality is often a lot, um, smaller. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you can either curse the cooking gods for your misfortune or make the best of it.

I mean, some professional chefs can pull off culinary magnificence in small New York kitchens. So you can come close. Or at the very least, love your tiny kitchen a little more. Here are some good reasons you should not only love but also feel fiercely proud of your tiny-as-a-postage-stamp space.

1. It’s always clean — because there’s less space to clean!

Less space means less to clean up. It’s pure science! But seriously, cleaning a small kitchen is downright easy. The whole thing can be deep-cleaned in, like, half an hour. Be grateful for that. Also, you’re less likely to use a million bowls, utensils, or tools — because you’re less likely to have a million bowls, utensils, or tools.

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2. You are a proud minimalist.

Thanks to limited cabinet and counter space, you pare down to only the essentials — because you have to. Forget having a bread maker, rice cooker, or another somewhat unnecessary appliance (that, let’s be honest, you never use)! You get to hone your cooking skills by learning how to MacGyver things instead of relying on a specific tool or gadget.

3. When you have people over, you look like a hero.

You look like a hero when you actually host a dinner party. But even better? You don’t have the pressure of doing this much. Could you do it? Of course you can! But it never hurts to have the excuse of a lack of fridge and oven space to convince people to find another place to go.

Make it about their wants and needs, though. Maybe you’re worried there’s not enough room to make Uncle Harry’s favorite casserole or a lack of sitting space for grandma. It is the truth, after all. Start practicing your I’m-so-sorry-I-wish-I could face now, people.

(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)

4. You move like a ballerina, the world at her fingertips.

Attempting a complicated recipe? Or bustling around when every dish is finished cooking all at once? It helps when you only have to walk several steps back and forth to get from stove to counter to sink. Everything is always pretty much within arm’s reach, which will save you some time!

5. You shop like a Parisian.

Chances are your small kitchen is also short on pantry (maybe even fridge) space, which means you have to make a few more trips to the store. But the bonus is that you’re cooking with the freshest fruits, veggies, and meat. Plus, you’ll become very familiar with your local farmers markets, cheese shops, and butcher. Not only is it healthier than eating pre-packaged pantry-friendly food, but it also makes each dish taste that much better too. It’s very European, no?

(Image credit: Justice Darragh)

6. You are an organizing ninja.

You’ve managed to find a place for everything using what little room you have — so tools are hung on the walls, shelves are stacked efficiently, and you’ve figured out some clever hack to store pots and lids. Applaud your ingenuity! Chances are these amazing organizational tendencies have carried over to other areas of your home and you’re seeing missed opportunities everywhere.

What are your favorite things about cooking in a small kitchen?