Our Biggest Rants of 2017

Our Biggest Rants of 2017

Lisa Freedman
Dec 26, 2017
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We like to think we're pretty positive (and fun!) here at Kitchn. But every once in a while, we have a little rant that we just have to get off our chests. For the most part, you guys agreed with everything we had to say (read: complain about) in 2017. Keep reading to see what we complained about the most.

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1. Martini glasses

Although it looks plenty cool, there is one key design flaw that makes the martini glass totally impractical. It's those angled walls that essentially direct the liquid right up and over the rim. It's basically impossible to walk with or move a martini glass without spilling a third of the drink on the floor!

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2. The produce scales at Wegmans

A lot of shoppers think they have to pre-ring their own produce before they officially checkout. This results in wasted time and unnecessary packaging (do we really need to put bananas in a bag just so we can put a sticker on said bag?).

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3. Fold-top bags

If you put a sandwich in one of these bags, the bread will dry out and your whole lunch box will smell like salami by 10 a.m. If you fill a fold-top bag with pretzels, chances are, when you go to pull them out of our lunch bag, you're probably going to send pretzels flying all over the place — no matter how many times you've gingerly folded over the top.

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4. Buying groceries online

Stocking the kitchen is a deeply personal errand, and you lose too much control of it to an automated system.

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5. Open floor plans

According to every home show on television this millennium, the absolute must-have is an open concept. But what if your kitchen isn't immaculate at all times?

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6. Refrigerators that are too small

American fridges are big for a reason — for the most part, they are made to fit our culture and lifestyles. A fridge that's too small? Well, that's asking for trouble.

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