6 Kitchen Treats to Bring Home from Paris: Picks from Jane Bertch of La Cuisine Paris

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When I was in Paris last week I hung out with Jane Bertch, the wonderfully warm and knowledgeable proprietor of La Cuisine Paris, a cooking school. Jane is from Chicago and was just about to leave for a visit back home, so I asked her what sorts of goodies she likes to take home from Paris. Want to see her picks?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Jane in the lobby of her beautiful little cooking school.

Here’s what she said!

  1. Piment d’Espelette – Given it’s the only spice from France, people usually love this as a little gift.
  2. A French style rolling pin – No handles…love it!
  3. I like to also take home a French made ‘Torchon'(dish towel) — Good quality, and perfect for any kitchen.
  4. If I can get there just before flying, then I race to Pralus on 35 rue Rambuteau to get their Praluline—-brioche with pink pralines (need I say more!).
  5. If I know I can be extra careful, then I love to try and bring back chocolates from Larnicol – some of their figure creations are just so neat! If the chocolate won’t travel well – then I get a couple of their Kouignettes….pure butter delights!
  6. I am a bit of a praline fan, so I try to get to Mazet – the king of everything praline —- they travel really well!

Jane sweetly gave me a jar of piment (I love cooking with it) so that was one of my kitchen treasures from this particular trip to Paris. I also brought back some new napkins and towels from Merci, and some sweet felt bowls from Muskhane.

What have been your favorite souvenirs and treats from your travels abroad — especially Paris?

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