6 Ingenious Ways to Create Storage Underneath Your Countertop

published Oct 28, 2015
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(Image credit: Viola Park)

Sometimes I come across a detail in a kitchen and it just strikes an aha moment. That’s the way I felt when came across a built-in countertop bread box (pictured above) — it got me thinking about all the other things you could store in your countertop. Here are a few favorite ideas.

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Bread Box – Viola Park (Image credit: Viola Park)
  • Bread Box – Viola Park: I’ve been on a bread-baking kick lately, and in my quest to master some techniques, I’ve ended up with a lot of loaves. Without a bread box, those boules, braids, and bagels are piling up! This under-counter bin is the perfect low-profile solution. Provided you have space under your counters, of course.
  • Cutting Board & Trash Drop – House Beautiful: This is probably the idea you’ve seen most commonly. A pull-out cutting board that fits directly over your trash can so you don’t have to transport scraps from the counter to the bin.
  • Compost Bin – Blanco: Of course, if you compost, this solution will probably be more your speed. Because the bin is flush with the countertop, you can scrape scraps directly into the metal canister, and then pop on the lid to keep your compost contained until you can take it to your backyard pile or your local greenmarket.
  • Fruit Bowl – House Beautiful: This might be a little less storage-focused than some of our other picks, but if you keep fresh fruit (or even potatoes and onions) in your kitchen, this could be a life-saver. We love the idea of this built into a bar counter for keeping plenty of citrus fruits on hand. You’ll never be without a garnish again.
  • Built-in Knife Block – DeVos Custom Countertops: Knives are some of the most important tools in your kitchen, but they can take up a lot of drawer or counter space. This simple built-in knife block is ideal for any kitchen where you want to maximize your storage.
  • Outlets – Michael Robert Construction: Pop-up outlets are great. They save you space, and can be installed wherever you need them most. Plus, because they can be hidden away, they encourage you to put away your small appliances as well.