6 Important Things You Should Know About Bacon

updated May 1, 2019
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It’s Sunday morning, which means it’s time for bacon. If you’re craving a salty, crispy slice this morning, take a spin through our six essentials of bacon, from the weird tip for cooking it on the stovetop, to the best way to freeze it for later.

1. The best way to cook bacon? The oven!

Why? You can make a lot of it at once, and it’s hands-off — no flipping, no turning.

2. If you do make bacon on the stovetop, use this trick.

If you just want a slice or two, cook it quickly in a skillet, but make sure you add a little water first. If that sounds weird, just read our tip — it works!

3. In a rush? It’s OK — you can cook it in the microwave.

But if the oven and the stovetop aren’t quite quick enough for your morning, why yes, the microwave is actually a very good way to cook bacon — especially if you like it ultra-crispy.

4. Cook more bacon — it’s good for your pans.

But if you do have time to cook it in a pan, keep doing that — it’s really good for your pans, from cast iron skillets to woks.

5. Save your bacon fat … and put it on popcorn.

Don’t throw out that bacon fat. Save it and add a little smoky goodness to your popcorn.

6. Won’t use it all? Freeze it.

Bacon should be used after just a few days — unless it’s frozen. Freeze bacon in individual slices for easy thawing and quick cooking.

What are your best tips and advice for the very best bite of bacon?