6 Smart Storage Solutions That’ll *Finally* Organize Your Brooms, Mops, and Other Cleaning Supplies

updated Jul 8, 2021
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Cleaning supplies — including brooms, mops, and spray bottles — might be some of the hardest items to store. First, they’re awkwardly sized and shaped. Plus, they fall over at the slightest bump or breeze. And, if we’re being totally honest, no one really wants a collection of mismatched cleaning supplies to take center stage. (Even in a closet!) We’re here to help, with plenty of smart and creative storage ideas!

Here are six of our favorite storage solutions to organize your brooms, mops, spray bottles, wipes, and more.

1. Use hooks and zip ties.

We love the idea of hooks for all sorts of storage — especially for a duster and a mop. You can add hooks to a free wall in a pantry, on the back of a closet door, or even on the wall leading down to the basement stairs. If your cleaning tools don’t fit over the hook, just add a zip tie to the handle to make a loop.

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2. Invest in a wall-mounted hanger.

For something a little more official, try a wall-mounted hanger that’s designed specifically to securely grip the neck of a broom and Swiffer. You can (easily) install one in all the same places we suggested hanging hooks!

3. Or try a wall-mounted organizer that slides.

If you don’t have a free wall for something like the holder we listed above, you might really like this organizer. It also gets mounted on the wall but it slides, so that it can be tucked away in a small crevice, like the space between your fridge and the wall.

4. Repurpose a shoe organizer.

Hang your cleaning supplies in a shoe organizer with clear pockets so you can easily see and find everything you need. Put sprays in one row, sponges in another, wipes in another … you’ll be amazed to see how much one organizer can hold.

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5. Hang a towel bar.

Install a sturdy towel bar and then, wait for it, just hook the handle of your spray bottles over the bar. They’ll hang there until you need to grab one. You can even add s-hooks to hang dusters and handheld brooms so that everything lives in one place.

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6. Set up a cleaning caddy.

Fill a cleaning caddy with all of your kitchen cleaning supplies. Not only will it help to organize what you have, it will also make it easy for you to grab everything you need in one fell swoop. Tip: Make another one for the bathroom, and stash it under the sink.

How do you store your brooms and mops? Tell us in the comments below.