5 Ways to Use Worcestershire Sauce

published May 20, 2015
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I’ve always found Worcestershire sauce such a funny ingredient — how exactly do you pronounce it? And did you know

it’s not vegetarian

Regardless of its funny quirks, it always has a place in my refrigerator door, especially since it’s one of the key ingredients in my husband’s grilled steak marinade. But what else can this fermented, pungent condiment be used for?

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1. Drinks

It’s hard to imagine brunch without a Bloody Mary with a few dashes of Worcestershire, but there are lots of other drinks that can benefit from this savory seasoning. Try it in beer cocktails or even make some fresh V8 juice at home!

2. Marinades

Think of Worcestershire as an alternative to soy sauce or fish sauce if you want to change things up in marinades, especially since the popular brand Lea & Perrins is gluten-free. Give bland foods like tofu an umami (savory) punch with a quick pour of Worcestershire.

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

3. Hearty Meat Dishes

Anchovies give Worcestershire sauce a lot of depth, but the salty savoriness is also tempered by vinegar. Together, they really enhance, brighten, and round out the flavors in rich, meaty dishes like braises, stews, and even simple grilled burgers.

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

4. Soups and Chilis

Worcestershire sauce in soup? Trust me on this one. Just a little goes a long way; it helps cut through the richness in chilis and thick soups. Think of it as the je ne sais quoi secret ingredient — people might not be able to identify it as a main ingredient, but they’ll definitely enjoy how it flavors the soup or chili.

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5. Sauces

Worcestershire sauce is most popularly used as a seasoning for Caesar salad dressing and shrimp cocktail sauce, and with good reason. It’s an easy way to add deep flavor to uncooked sauces, but it can also be cooked into barbecue sauces to cut through some of the inherent sweetness. A little Worcestershire added to a pan sauce can also pack in a new dimension of flavor to complement your piece of seared meat.

What do you like to do with Worcestershire sauce?