5 Ways to Use Grainy Mustard to Make Any Dish Pop

5 Ways to Use Grainy Mustard to Make Any Dish Pop

Kelli Foster
Oct 21, 2016

When it comes to mustard, the Germans have it right — keep several different types handy, and use it often. One of our favorites to always have at the ready is a jar of grainy mustard. Yes, it's lovely spread on sandwiches and a must-have for sausage, but this tangy condiment can be the surprise addition that can bring almost any dish to life.

1. Pair it with eggs.

A swipe of grainy mustard is the finishing touch you might not have realized your egg sandwich was craving. It adds a punch of tangy flavor to eggs and balances out the richness of salty meats and cheeses.

2. Finish off a pan sauce.

Made with the pan drippings from cooked meat like steak and pork chops, a pan sauce is a masterful finishing trick for the home cook. Next time you're making a pan sauce, include a spoonful of grainy mustard in place of the vinegar to inject even more flavor into almost any pan sauce.

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3. Balance rich and fatty ingredients.

The acidity of grainy mustard makes it a perfect pairing for rich and fatty ingredients. It's why it's so often served with sausage. Try a spread of mustard on your grilled cheese sandwich or stir a spoonful into a rich and luxurious cream sauce to give it some bite.

4. A fast and fancy upgrade for veggies.

Consider grainy mustard the instant upgrade to transform mild-mannered steamed and sautéed veggies into a side dish that feels a little fancy. Want to balance the mustard's spicy tang? Try pairing it with a little bit of honey.

5. A simple boost for casseroles.

From savory breakfast casseroles to mac and cheese to shepherd's pie, just a spoonful of grainy mustard brings a bright zing that livens up the flavor of these comforting meals.

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