5 Ways to Use a Baking Stone Beyond Making Pizza

published Apr 17, 2015
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During my childhood, one of the mainstays in our kitchen was a well-seasoned baking stone. Actually, we had two. And soon after I moved into my own apartment, my mother gifted a brand-new baking stone to me.

If there’s just one thing I’ve learned about these baking stones, from being a young kitchen observer to a regular home cook, it’s that they’re more than a single-use tool. Baking stones go above and beyond making a good pizza.

Baking stones mimic the conditions in brick ovens by absorbing heat from the oven and allowing you to bake right on top of the heat source. This creates a direct transfer of heat and ensures that your foods are cooked evenly.

5 More Ways to Use Your Baking Stone

1. Bread

Baking stones are great for making everything from big country loaves to rolls, and even pita bread. The stones hold heat in a way that baking sheets and other pans cannot. The results is a a loaf of bread with a perfectly crisp, well-cooked crust.

2. Cookies

I don’t use my baking stone for cookies, but my mother swears by it. It’s the only way she bakes cookies. The bake time typically needs to be increased by a couple minutes, but you’ll never burn the bottoms of your cookies. Ever.

I should note, however, that while the stone is typically heated in the oven before cooking or baking, this step should be skipped when it’s used to bake cookies.

3. A Warm Serving Platter

These stones are excellent at absorbing and retaining heat. So, when you’re serving warm food that will be sitting out, and you want it to stay warm, consider using a baking stone as a warm serving platter.

4. To Make Toast

Use your baking stone to make a few slices of toast for breakfast, heat bread for bruschetta, and toast buns for burgers.

5. Quesadillas

Like your tortillas with a little (or a lot of) crisp? Make your next batch of quesadillas in the oven using your baking stone.

What creative ways do you use your baking stone?