5 Ways to Celebrate Rosie the Riveter in the Kitchen

Mary Doyle Keefe, the model for Norman Rockwell’s famous Rosie the Riveter painting, died this week at 92. In honor of that iconic image — and all the other posters, paintings, and strong women it inspired — let’s take a trip through Rosie the Riveter goodies for the kitchen, starting with this print.

Getting it done — I can’t think of many characters more suited to a kitchen whiteboard.

Also, that famous painting is not to be confused with the equally iconic poster referenced in this teacup and saucer. (The character on that war poster actually isn’t even technically Rosie the Riveter — although it has long been identified with that character.)

But as long as we’re talking about the other Rosie the Riveter, I can’t pass up this growler, which would make a fine reward for all you ladies headed into the The Kitchn’s upcoming Beer School (it starts May 4th!).

And then, as long as we’re talking strong women — let’s just go all the way there with this amazing mash-up. How good is that?