5 Ways to Put a Long-Handled Iced Tea Spoon to Good Use

5 Ways to Put a Long-Handled Iced Tea Spoon to Good Use

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 25, 2011

At some point in time I ended up with a long handled ice tea spoon in my kitchen. How this came to be is still a mystery as I equate sweetened tea with the evils of the earth, but this isn't the time or place for the sweet tea vs. unsweetened tea debate. No matter how it came to my kitchen, I've been putting it to use ever since — here's how!

1. Digging In Jars: It doesn't matter if it's the bottom of the peanut butter jar, the jelly, or mayo that might be in your fridge, regular spoons just don't cut it. They're perfect for picking little things out of jars as well like olive or capers.

2. Turning Things In The Oven: Although we have a set of long handled tongs to do most of this, when you need to flip something in the oven, say a piece of chicken, this long spoon can come in quite handy as it's skinny enough to weasel in without hitting any heating elements and getting at exactly what you need. It works even better in a toaster oven as there's less clearance in there for regular kitchen tools.

3. Ice Cream Sundaes: Our local diner makes these "Skyscraper Ice Cream Sundaes and Floats." They're awesome and usually prepared in a large vase and eaten by a small gathering of people. This long spoon often makes appearances when we recreate this at home as it's perfect for getting everything out of the bottom.

4. Comedic Cereal Eating: Cereal can be a late night snack staple in our house and there's nothing more enjoyable than watching my husband eat an oversized bowl of his favorite treat with an extra long spoon. Oddly enough it works really well to get sunken pieces up from the bottom or for feeding your dog without getting licked... not that we feed our dogs with the same thing we feed ourselves... let's move along.

5. Mixed Drinks Of All Sorts: It doesn't matter if you're boozing it up or keeping things clean, mixed drinks are always a hit. Add-ins such as syrups, fruit or bits of herbs are always better incorporated with a good stir. It's easier than having to clean a cocktail shaker and it will help you fish out the tasty bits when the beverage is all gone.

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(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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