5 Ways to Make Wine Look Like a Gift

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Sara Albers)

Everyone gifts wine this time of year, and I have absolutely no problem with that! The more wine, the better. (Even if your host doesn’t drink or totally hates the varietal of grape you’ve brought, she can always crack it open and serve it to her guests. Or regift it later!)

You don’t have to spend big bucks, or go nuts picking a bottle that might mean something to its intended recipient. All I ask is that you dress it up a little bit to make it look like you put in some effort. You know, versus just grabbing whatever was by the register at your local liquor store.

To help you make a bottle of wine more presentable, we rounded up five DIY ideas from bloggers.

1. Slip on a tag.

If you have access to a printer and cardstock, it doesn’t get much easier than creating one of these colorful holiday hang tags designed by Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon, the sisters behind the blog Alice & Lois. They’re graphic and fun. All you have to do is print, cut out, and attach the tags. Oh, and they’re free for you to download, so you have no excuse.

Download the PDF: Holiday Wine Tags Printable at Alice & Lois

(Image credit: Alex Katschilo)

2. Use wrapping paper.

Wrapping a bottle of wine is not as easy as wrapping a box with crisp corners, but it can be done. Just look at what blogger Alex Katschilo of Northstory did. Her trick? When you get to the top, use your hands to gently mold the paper to the neck before tying a ribbon around it. If you have a bunch of parties to hit this holiday, you can wrap all the bottles you plan on giving to hosts in coordinating papers and use them as decorations until each party. Just make sure you label the packages if you’re gifting different bottles to people.

See more: Wine Bottle Wrap Christmas Edition at Northstory

(Image credit: Cindy Springer)

3. Dress up a simple brown bag.

What I like most about this idea from Cindy Springer of Bottle Your Brand, a custom label- and sticker-making company, is that baker’s twine and glue is all she needed to make a paper bag feel special. I’m guessing you already have these things around the house and, in a pinch, you could do this on a brown bag from the liquor store. Spell out joy, cheers, noel — whatever you want! Just draw the word onto the bag, trace it again with multi-purpose glue, and add the twine.

Get fool-proof directions here: Create a Wine Gift Bag in 10 Minutes or Less at Bottle Your Brand

(Image credit: Kirsten Nunez)

4. Make a faux-fur coat.

If you’re going to a fancy party, consider this idea from blogger Kirsten Nunez of Wild Amor. It’s totally no-sew and has just a handful of steps. I love that she added the little jewel accents to her design. Why? Because a little bling goes a long way in terms fancying things up during the holidays.

Copy the steps: Faux Fur DIY Wine Bag Gift Idea at Wild Amor

(Image credit: Tara Mihalech)

5. Decorate a box.

Blogger Tara Mihalech of Suburble made a basic wine box sing with simple felt ornament stickers and a marker. She staggered the placement of the stickers and drew hooks and string to make it look like they’re hanging from under the lid. Then she added some cheeky text to the top of the box with cut-out letters. Super quick, yet super special. Not feeling very creative? Tara suggests a family monogram.

See it come together: Christmas Cheer Wine Box at Suburble