5 Ways to Make White Chocolate More Interesting

published Feb 3, 2017
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To really appreciate white chocolate, I’ve come to learn that how you eat it, and even cook with it, can make a big difference. While milk and dark chocolate are perfectly delicious on their own, white chocolate needs a little assistance to shine. Give this sweet, milky confection a helping hand and you might just be surprised by all the things it can do. Here are five smart ways to make white chocolate more interesting, and even more delicious.

1. Turn it into fudge.

Add a few more ingredients to the mix and it’s easy to transform a few bars of white chocolate into a tray of rich, decadent fudge. Make it a real crowd-pleaser by mixing in sprinkles and cake mix for a Funfetti-inspired version.

2. Caramelize it in the oven.

Slowly cooked over moderate heat in the oven, white chocolate is transformed into a super-smooth, golden-brown hue with a deep, nutty flavor. Give your regular hot chocolate an upgrade with it, stir it into cookies, or use it for a twist on classic ganache or truffles. It’s best to skip the white chocolate chips since they typically container stabilizers that lend a waxy flavor and less-than-creamy result.

3. Mix it into caramel sauce.

Use white chocolate to give your next batch of caramel sauce an upgrade for a richer, creamier result. As for how to use it, it pairs especially well with chocolate and desserts with warm spices. Drizzle white chocolate caramel over cakes and cupcakes, bread pudding, cinnamon rolls, and more.

4. Frost your cake with white chocolate ganache.

Skip the buttercream and use a few bars of good-quality white chocolate to whip up a batch of white chocolate ganache. We typically rely on the darker stuff, but white chocolate works as well. Use it for layer cakes, cupcakes, and even sandwich cookies.

5. Melt and mix with popcorn.

Make white chocolate the ingredient that gives your favorite snack food an unexpected (yet very welcome!) upgrade. Toss a big bowl of popcorn with melted white chocolate, and consider an extra boost from other ingredients like crushed chocolate sandwich cookies or matcha powder.

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