5 Ways to Make S’mores Indoors

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S’mores are a campfire classic, but what do you do when the craving hits and the weather isn’t cooperating or there’s no campfire (or fire pit, or grill)? You improvise. Here are five easy ways to get your s’more fix indoors this summer.

1. Make them over the stove.

Let’s start with the obvious. If you have a gas stove, you have a flame. So if you want your s’more in its most traditional form, don’t be afraid to use the stove. Stick that marshmallow skewer over a gas or electric stove and pretend like you’re sitting by the fire.

2. Turn them into a skillet dessert.

Slather Nutella in a skillet, top it with marshmallows, stick it under the broiler, and you have a crowd-worthy take on the treat. All that’s needed is graham crackers to dig into the gooey mess.

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3. Bake them into brownies.

Sandwich fudgy brownies between a graham cracker crumb crust and broiled marshmallows and you just may never look back. Expect to eat the whole pan.

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4. Layer them into an icebox cake.

Turn s’mores into a proper fork-and-plate sort of dessert with this icebox cake. Layers of graham crackers, chocolate pudding, toasted marshmallows, and marshmallow creme make for a no-bake treat that’s hard to beat.

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5. Skip the heat completely for a more refreshing s’more.

If it’s too hot, to even think about melting marshmallows (or maybe even chocolate!) skip the stove or oven completely and make a refreshing twist with slabs of watermelon and creamy Cool Whip in place of the marshmallows, or lime curd instead of the chocolate.

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Do you have any other favorite hacks for s’mores indoors?