5 Ways to Make Dinner with Tortilla Chips

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

There’s no question that tortilla chips are perfect for dipping in salsa and scooping up guacamole, but they’re way more than just a snack food. In fact, they have a well-deserved place on the dinner table — here are five types of meals that prove it.

1. Melt them into a big plate of nachos.

Were nachos the first thing that came to mind when you thought about tortilla chips for dinner? It was for me! This is one of the most obvious ways to turn tortilla chips into a meal, and certainly a delicious one.

2. Crush them into a coating for meat and fish.

Crush them up and use these chips for a crunchy coating on chicken fingers, pork chops, fish, and more.

3. Smash them into a binder for veggie burgers.

Veggie burgers need a binder to hold everything together, which usually comes in the form of bread crumbs or rice. But when crushed into a fine crumb, tortilla chips make a fun stand-in!

4. Toast them into a topping for your casserole.

Casseroles — like mac and cheese, gratins, and pasta bakes — often have a crisp layer of toasted bread crumbs that coat the top of the dish. The crunch it gives is the perfect contrast to the creamy layers that lie beneath. Try swapping out bread crumbs for crushed tortilla chips instead!

5. Make them a crunchy way to jazz up your soup.

Not only do tortilla chips work well as a crunchy garnish in place of crackers, but you can also consider cooking them in the soup. As they break down during cooking, they infuse the soup with extra flavor and texture.