5 Ways to Make Dinner with Pie Dough

updated May 1, 2019
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I always try to have pie dough in the freezer at all times. It’s not only helpful to have around when it comes to making dessert, but it’s also a lifesaver when it comes to making a fast dinner. And I am not just talking about using the dough to make a quiche or savory galette — it has a slew of other dinnertime uses that you might not have thought of.

1. Build a savory tarte Tatin.

A classic tarte Tatin — the French dessert of tender caramelized apples perched atop a buttery crust — is always an elegant dessert, but who says that method has to be for dessert alone? Turn down the sugar and swap out the apples for vegetables and you’ve got a tarte Tatin that you can bring to the dinner table.

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2. Make a classic potpie.

There’s really nothing more comforting and satisfying than digging into a potpie. Whether you opt for a classic chicken pie or try something new like tofu and vegetables, it’s always a crowd-pleasing dinner.

3. Embrace savory hand pies.

Typically filled with fruit, there’s no reason why hand pies can’t be made savory and eaten for dinner. Fill them with a mix of pretty much anything you have around — cooked vegetables, cheese, ground meat, and crumbled sausage all work great.

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2. Make spanakopita easier.

Spanakopita, the Greek spinach and feta pie, is traditionally made with flaky filo dough, but extra-thin filo can be a little tricky to work with. Make things easier on yourself and use pie dough instead. It might not be as traditional, but it will be equally as tasty.

5. Bake an extra-buttery calzone.

Yes, a calzone is usually made with pizza dough, but why can’t it be made with pie dough instead? The results are buttery and flaky, and there can’t be anything wrong with that.

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