5 Ways to Make Dessert with Sugar Cookie Dough

(Image credit: Sarah E Crowder)

Sugar cookies may be plain, but they’re far from boring. In fact, their simplicity is exactly what makes them great: You can taste all the butter and sugar without anything getting in the way. That simplicity also means that the dough can be transformed into a number of different desserts beyond cookies. Here are five great ideas to try.

1. Turn it into a pie crust.

Forget about regular pie crust or even graham cracker crust and press sugar cookie dough into your pie pan instead. It works best with custard, mousse, pudding, and cream-filled pies and tarts where you have to bake the crust first and then fill it — that way the cookie crust stays nice and crisp.

2. Make mini fruit pizzas.

This DIY dessert is kid-approved. Bake cookies according to package instructions. Let cool and then lay them out with cream cream frosting and a mix of fresh fruit so that everyone can assemble their own dessert pizzas.

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3. Assemble a trifle.

Slice your dough into thin rounds and bake. Let them cool, crumble them up, and use them as a layer with fresh fruit and whipped cream for a dinner party-worthy trifle.

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(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

4. Use it as a topping for fruit cobbler.

Forget making the buttery, crumbly topping for fruit cobbler from scratch and lean on sugar cookie dough to speed up the process. Pull off large pieces of the dough, pat them into flat disks, place them over the fruit filling to cover it, and bake.

5. Bake a cookie cake.

Combine two classic desserts in one by making a cookie cake. Just press the dough evenly into a cake pan and then bake it until the edges turn golden-brown. Let the cake cool, then slather it with your favorite frosting before slicing and digging in.

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