5 Ways to Make Creamy Caesar Dressing Without Raw Eggs

published Aug 4, 2016
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Traditionally creamy Caesar dressing gets its rich and luxurious texture from the addition of raw egg yolk. When prepared correctly, it’s completely safe to eat, but I understand your concerns if that’s not quite for you. Don’t rule out homemade creamy Caesar dressing, though! Try one of these five methods for making it without raw egg.

1. Hard-Boiled Egg

I recently learned this tip when making thousand island dressing. When pushed through a fine-mesh strainer, a hard-boiled egg brings the thickness and texture a dressing would normally get from a raw egg.

2. Mayonnaise

For an ultra-creamy dressing that’s just like classic, swap the egg yolks for mayo. It will give your dressing the same lush consistency, with some extra tang.

3. Silken Tofu

Not only will a cup of silken tofu replace the egg in creamy Caesar dressing, but this swap will also make your dressing vegan-friendly. Unlike the more firm blocks, silken tofu has an ultra-creamy, pudding-like quality with a fatty flavor from richer soy milk that lends it to making a beautifully smooth dressing.

4. Greek Yogurt

Not only does Greek yogurt make an ideal egg replacement, but it also makes for a lighter dressing with a big boost of protein. The tartness of the yogurt will also bring some extra flavor to the dressing.

5. Sour Cream

If you enjoy the bright richness of sour cream, you’ll certain enjoy this swap in your Caesar dressing. Thanks to its super-smooth consistency, it blends into a dressing that’s wonderfully creamy.