5 Ways to Make a Weeknight Meal Out of 1 Single Vegetable

updated Jun 4, 2019
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How’s your January cooking going? Reader lasiciliana said that she is trying to eat more vegetables and grains this month, and we are with her wholeheartedly. Our affinity for vegetables reaches past health factors, though, and into those of convenience. There are a few vegetables that, when treated right, can make a quick, easy meal all by themselves. Here are five ways to make a quick, tasty (and, incidentally, rather healthy) meal out of single vegetables.

These are mostly recipes for roasted vegetables, which is one of the quickest ways to cook a dense vegetable and also to add satisfyingly full and rich flavor without meat or a lot of oil.

1 A head of roasted cabbage – When we posted this we didn’t realize that the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living had an almost identical recipe this month! Roasted cabbage is in the air, and it smells great! Chop up a head of cabbage, roast it with a little bacon, and you really don’t need anything else to eat. It’s so satisfying and filling!

2 One roasted beet, with goat cheese sandwiched between slices – We love this idea for making a meal for one out of a single beet. Beets are dense and satisfying, and we think this would make a great weeknight supper. (Here’s how to roast beets.)

3 Sweet and spicy roasted acorn squash – One acorn squash is a great meal for one person. I like to sprinkle half of the squash with spicy curry powder, and then the other half with brown sugar and cinnamon. Then it’s like a sweet and spicy dessert and dinner combo!

4 Brussel sprouts braised in cream – My current favorite winter dish. A bowl of these and you won’t need any bread, rice, or side dishes at all.

5 Roasted cauliflower – Like cabbage and beets, cauliflower gets this lovely rich flavor when roasted, and it doesn’t take much to make a meal out of it. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and Parmesan, and add in a few cloves of garlic. A meal!

Do you have other ways that you make a meal out of just one vegetable?

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