Peel and Go: 5 Ways To Make a Meal With Hard-Boiled Eggs

published Jun 26, 2012
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Nothing turns a plate of not-quite-filling-enough vegetables, grains or salad into a meal like an egg. While we’re big fans of using a fried or poached egg to top off a dish, hard-boiled eggs are a more portable option for packed lunches and quicker too, if you boil a batch of eggs ahead of time and keep them stored in the refrigerator. Egg salad is a start, but there are many more ways to enjoy simple, no-fuss meals with hard-cooked eggs.

Mashed up with mayo (and more): Classic egg salad makes a great sandwich filling or salad topping, and it doesn’t have to be boring. Try it topped with radishes, mixed with avocado, or any of these eight ways.

Chopped, on a salad: Chunks of hard-cooked egg add flavor, protein and textural contrast to an everyday green salad.

Sliced, on a sandwich: Slices of egg on a sandwich is like a more elegant, deconstructed version of egg salad. Take a cue from this boiled egg and seared asparagus sandwich and combine the eggs with cooked or raw vegetables, tangy pickles and perhaps a few slices of crunchy bacon or some salty prosciutto.

Made into sauce gribiche: A French sauce made with chopped hard-cooked egg, herbs, capers, cornichon and olive oil, sauce gribiche can be spooned over blanched asparagus, boiled new potatoes, or even a couple more halved hard-boiled eggs. Give David Lebovitz’s recipe a try.

Deviled: For deviled egg lovers, yes, a couple deviled eggs is a perfectly legitimate centerpiece to a meal. Make your grandma’s famous recipe or try a modern twist, like smoky deviled eggs with Greek yogurt, bright pink beet-pickled deviled eggs or summery deviled eggs with basil aoili and capers.

How do you incorporate hard-boiled eggs into meals?

(Images: Leela Cyd Ross)