5 Ways to Swaddle Your $9 Peach

5 Ways to Swaddle Your $9 Peach

Christine Gallary
Jul 24, 2015
(Image credit: Christine Gallary)

When you've invested a small fortune in perfectly ripe and juicy summer fruit, the last thing you want is for it to get bumped and tossed around on the way home. Those bruises start to rot quickly, and you're either forced to eat them up soon or throw out that delicious, expensive fruit.

Here are five ways you can protect your precious cargo so everything gets home safely!

(Image credit: Kelli Foster)

1. Hard-Sided Containers

Bring along some hard-sided containers and use them instead of produce bags. Plastic food storage containers or mason jars with lids will protect your produce. Plus, you can stack containers on top of each other in your shopping bag. I like wide, flat containers for stone fruit, and mason jars for berries or cherry tomatoes.

2. Bubble Wrap

Save the packing materials from your next package and use it to protect that soft fruit. This is great when you have fruits of all different sizes; you can easily do a few layers of bubble wrap and fruit in one shopping bag.

3. Egg Cartons

Your cardboard egg cartons can be reused for small produce. Each well can fit a small handful of berries or cherry tomatoes, or you can nestle a small plum or small tomato into each one. Snap the lid down and bring everything home safely!

4. Flat-Bottomed Bags or Baskets

I like to use flat-bottomed bags or portable shopping baskets, like this Cabaggage tote, when buying fragile fruit, because it means there's more surface area at the bottom of the bag. More surface area means things sit in fewer layers, so they don't stack on top of each other. Plus, the whole bag is stable and upright if you're putting it into the trunk or backseat of the car for the ride home.

5. Muffin Tins

If you have a shopping bag that has a big, flat bottom (I love the ones from Costco), you can put a muffin tin on the bottom and load up each well safely with fruit! You can also easily see how much fruit you've purchased at a glance if you're trying to decide if you've purchased enough.

What things do you do to get fruit home safely?

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