5 Ways to Eat Your Yogurt Like a Greek God

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

Did the Greek Gods eat Greek yogurt? Probably not. But they got to do other fun things like wear togas, throw lightening bolts, and ride winged horses. You, on the other hand, you get to eat lots of Greek yogurt! As much of it as you want! So why not embrace your inner Zeus or Aphrodite while you do it?

It’s no myth — these fun finds will make the entire meal feel a lot more divine.

  1. The Greek Gods Seriously Indulgent Yogurt Greek-Style Yogurt, visit Greek Gods Yogurt for more info: This Greek-style yogurt is so creamy, even the Gods would agree that it’s decadent. And it will soon be available in four new flavors — Lemon, Raspberry Ginger, Tart Cherry, and Marionberry — for you to choose from.
  2. Zap! Small Napkin, $5.50 for 16 at Meri Meri: Okay, so these are technically meant for a kid’s superhero-themed birthday party, but they totally remind us of a Greek myth and that’s what we’re going with here.
  3. 3-Piece Torino Gold Flatware Set, $25 at CB2: Use the spoon for your yogurt and keep the rest of the set around because you’re a Greek God — and you can do what you want!
  4. Marbleized Cereal Bowl, $6 at Bed Bath & Beyond: It seemed weird to tell you to eat yogurt out of a marble bowl (you agree with us, right?). Instead, we found this bowl, which is actually porcelain that’s made to look like marble.
  5. Gold Laurel Wreath Paper Placemats, $29 for 30 at Hester & Cook: Just because it’s breakfast doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pull out the placemats. These are paper and come on a pad (like your standard office supplies), so you can just rip one off as you need it. And you don’t have to worry about errant crumbs or globs of yogurt because the whole thing can get crumbled up and tossed in the trash.