5 Ways to Drink Your Snack Right Now

(Image credit: Megan Gordon)

When it comes to snacking, variety is the name of the game for me. But instead of changing up what I snack on, I prefer to take a different approach to change how I snack. Skip the munching and nibbling with these five easy ways to drink your favorite snacks.

1. Smoothie

Maybe it’s the straw, or perhaps it’s the blend of ingredients that makes you feel like you’re on a beach vacation. Either way, smoothies have this fun way of feeling like a total treat. Plus, they’re a cool and refreshing way to get your fill of sweet summer fruit and veggies.

2. Lassi

If you like smoothies and yogurt, you’re sure to be a fan of lassis. Tangy yogurt is the star of this fragrant and refreshing Indian drink. Lassis can take either a salty or a sweet spin depending on what ingredients you include.

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3. Coffee + Whole Milk

This isn’t like the coffee you sip with one eye open first thing in the morning, when caffeine is the name of the game. This is the snack-time drink that’s about moderate indulgence. Opting for a coffee as your snack isn’t really about the coffee — it’s all about the milk, which is exactly why it’s worth reaching for that carton of creamy whole milk and maybe a splash of vanilla and cinnamon. You’ll get a richer experience out of your afternoon pick-me-up — and one that might just tide you over until dinner.

4. Almond Butter + Almond Milk + Honey

If you’ve had your fill of almond butter spread on fruit and crackers, this is the drink for you. You can use a hand blender, although it’s just as easy to vigorously shake this satisfying trio together in a jar. Try it warm or over ice.

5. Ramos Gin Fizz

And then there are the days that simply call for a cocktail. If you choose wisely, you can get both a cocktail and a snack in the same glass. Go with a gin fizz, so if anyone asks, you can say you’re simply getting a protein boost from the egg whites.

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