No Window Over Your Sink? No Problem! Here’s What You Do Instead.

published May 3, 2017
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Not every kitchen is #blessed with a window over the kitchen sink — especially when it comes to apartment living. And sadly, without one, things can start feeling a little claustrophobic and dark. The solution? Create a just-as-good focal point with one of these ingenious ideas.

1. Put up a mirror.

A mirror is always going to be the next-best thing after a window. It can make a room seem bigger and bounce light around in a way that nothing else can. Any style will do, but this setup by Jenny Wolf Interiors proves that bigger is better.

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2. Hang some art.

Interior designer Lauren Liess hung her favorite antique oil paintings above the sink so she’d have something interesting to look at while she does the dishes. She admits that water — and random gunk — gets on them from time to time. It’s worth it, though: “I love my artwork, but none of it is priceless and I see it and enjoy it more here than I would anywhere else,” she says.

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3. String up some plants.

If you can’t look out an actual window, you can try bringing the outside scenery inside by hanging a bunch of plants over the sink. Consider sprawling, vine-y plants or herbs (which will come in handy while you’re cooking!). We love this copper pipe hack from Morgane, of the French blog Plan B.

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4. Go for open shelving.

When styled well (aka not haphazardly piled with a slew of dishes), open shelving can be a statement-maker in any kitchen — especially one without a window. Plus, they can help the room feel open and bright. Dress ’em up with lots of glassware, greenery, and white dishes for an airy, sophisticated look.

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5. Install a fun backsplash.

When in doubt, go with a bold backsplash! A saturated hue or a funky pattern will make up for any visual interest lost by not having a window. If your space is really lacking natural light, choose a tile style with glossy (not matte) finish. It will bounce around what light you do have to make your space even brighter.

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What’s over your kitchen sink?