5 Ways the Blender Can Help You Make Breakfast

published Mar 31, 2016
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There aren’t many tools that get to make an appearance in the kitchen at breakfast. Apart from your basic pots and pans, most breakfast favorites don’t require all that much — and they rarely require appliances. But the blender is different.

A blender can make breakfast faster, easier, and more delicious. These five ways alone will make you want to keep the machine on the counter come morning.

1. Make lighter, fluffier scrambled eggs.

Sure a whisk and some old-fashioned arm strength can give you some good scrambled eggs, but a blender makes them even better. Tossing the raw eggs into the blender before pouring them into the warm skillet not only helps to evenly combine the whites and yolks, but it also whips extra air into them, which is the key to the most tender eggs possible. This is a great trick to use when you’re making scrambled eggs for a crowd.

2. Whip up a Dutch baby.

Not every pancake of waffle recipe needs the high-powered mixing a blender delivers, but there are some that are better because of it, and a puffed Dutch baby is one. Whipping this batter up in the blender aerates it so you get that characteristic puff.

3. Blend smoothies (of course).

What would a blender be if it couldn’t churn out all of those early morning smoothies? Whether it’s that high-powered green smoothie, something a little sweeter like this banana-date recipe, or a smoothie you eat with a spoon, it’s the fastest way to give you loads of energy and nutrients that will jump-start your day.

4. Whip up the easiest hollandaise.

Eggs Benedict is arguably the ultimate weekend morning breakfast treat. That’s because it’s decadent and special, but also because it takes a bit of time to prepare. Lighten the load by making the hollandaise sauce in your blender. Not only is it faster, but it’s also a whole lot more foolproof than making it the traditional way over the stove.

5. Make your own almond milk.

If you’re an almond milk drinker and you’ve only ever tried the stuff in the carton from the grocery store, you’re missing out. Fresh almond milk tastes a million times better, and while it does take time — you need to soak the almonds at least overnight for them to soften — it’s not particularly difficult. Pour it over your cereal and in your coffee, or even just enjoy it straight out of a glass with a straw.