5 Vegetables to Spiralize (Besides Zucchini)

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Spiralizing is a fun way to get your fill (and then some) of fresh produce. Certain vegetables — like zucchini and squash — get all the glory, but there are so many other veggies that are ideal for spiralizing. Some of them might even surprise you.

A Guideline for Choosing Vegetables to Spiralize

When it comes to spiralizing, certain vegetables work a lot better than others. The best vegetables for spiralizing have a hard to semi-firm texture — everything from tough winter squash and carrots to potatoes and cucumbers.

Soft veggies — like eggplant, or anything with a core or hollow center — don’t quite work.

Try Spiralizing These 5 Vegetables

Spiralized vegetable noodles can hold their ground as an appetizer, salad, side, or main course.

1. Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi may look funny, but when eaten raw it has a refreshing flavor with a mild, peppery bite. Cut away the skin and start spiralizing this vegetable immediately. It’s perfect for summer salads.

2. Beets

I’ll happily eat beets every which way, although I especially love them as noodles. Combine beet noodles with kohlrabi or carrot noodles to make a salad, or let them stand on their own as a “pasta” dinner.

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3. Broccoli

Once you’ve used the florets for something delicious, like pasta salad, put those stems to work. Let’s face it: On their own, broccoli stems aren’t the most exciting things to eat, but when turned into curly noodles, it’s a totally different story.

4. Carrots

Spiralized carrot noodles can be eaten raw or cooked. Try them in salads or as a topping for sandwiches and tacos.

→ Recipe: Carrot Tahini Salad

5. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are great for spiralizing. Once the skin is peeled and the noodles are made, consider incorporating them into a stir-fry, curry, or tacos.

What are your favorite vegetables to spiralize?

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