5 Non-Chocolate Valentine’s Desserts to Tempt Anyone’s Sweet Tooth

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I know, I know. This might not be you. It’s certainly not me. But I hear rumors that there are non-chocolate folks are out there, and since we’re all here a few days before Valentine’s Day, I thought it was about time we brainstormed some decadent, festive desserts that don’t contain chocolate.

I love any excuse to have a good dark truffle or a few squares of chocolate, but I also love trying out new recipes to please others who have tastes quite different from my own. While I might be inclined to bake up a chocolate cake or a batch of cupcakes, it’s not where everyone’s interests lie (my boyfriend included).

So I have gathered together a nice variety of desserts that are seasonal for us right now and are quite different from one another. Hopefully you’ll find something for every kind of dessert person here. There are a few different dreamy-looking cakes, a simple galette, decadent pudding and a bright citrus tart.

What’s Your Favorite Non-Chocolate Dessert?

Try a Recipe:

1. Raspberry Lemon Cake – I Am a Food Blog
2. Apple Pomegranate Galette – A Couple Cooks
3. Coffee Pudding – The First Mess
4. Pinenut Butter Cake – Good Things Grow
5. White Grapefruit Tart with Sweet Rye Crust – The Yellow House