5 Uses for Paper Plates in the Kitchen

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If you’re anything like me, you buy a package of paper plates for a specific occasion (say, a picnic in the park or a barbecue), and then find yourself with a lot of extras that lurk in the back of a cabinet for a long time. It’s time to break them out because there’s a lot more they can do in the kitchen.

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1. Prevent splattering from a hand mixer.

Gone are the days of your electric hand mixer spreading a flour cloud or splattering cake batter outside the bowl. Poke the beaters through a paper plate before attaching them to the mixer, and the plate creates a barrier over the bowl.

2. Stop microwave splatters.

No one likes scrubbing the inside of the microwave. Prevent food splatter and keep your microwave looking clean by placing a paper plate over plates and bowls before nuking your leftovers.

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3. Fold into a basket.

With a little cutting, folding, and taping, you can transform a plain paper plate into a small basket or snack carrier. Use it for things like cookies and muffins, or take it along on a picnic to be used as a basket for chips, crackers, or fresh veggies.

Try it: Easy DIY Cookie Basket Made from a Paper Plate via It’s Always Autumn

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4. Create a two-tier dessert stand.

This cute DIY two-tiered dessert stand calls for three paper plates. It’s the perfect use for those last few decorative disposable plates you have lingering in the pantry.

5. Separate stacked cast iron pans.

This job is typically reserved for paper towels, but paper plates work just as well. Use one (or two, if they’re extra thin) plates to separate your nested cast iron pans to prevent scratching or damage to the cook surface.

How else do you use paper plates in the kitchen?