5 Unexpected Ways to Use Curry Paste

updated May 3, 2023
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030213-curry.jpg I’ve been adding curry paste to an assortment of old standby dishes to give them a bit of kick. If you have half a can of curry paste lying about here are a few unexpected ways to put it to good use!

I’ve written about my favorite curry paste in the past and it should be noted that I am a huge fan of green over red curry pastes. That’s simply a matter of taste, but I have found that I have better luck controlling the heat without many surprises. That said, if you’re a fan of red or even panang, then by all means give it a go!

Here’s what I’ve been digging it in:

• Chicken Noodle Soup: Add 2 teaspoons for every bowl or a few tablespoons for the whole pot if you’re making it from scratch instead of reheating leftovers.

• Egg and Tuna Salads: 1 teaspoon to every few sandwiches is a tasty mixture. Add it to your mayo/yogurt/avocado (whatever binder you’re using) and then add in your protein!

• Roasted Anything: Maybe it’s potatoes, maybe it’s fresh vegetables. Mix a tablespoon of it into your oil before tossing and roasting. It’s a bit of kick without being too spicy.

• Meatballs (Or Loaf): Although meatballs and meatloaf are serious comfort food, try giving them a punch with a few tablespoons of curry paste before baking.

• Marinades and Rubs: Ok, so it’s not a dish in itself, you caught me, but when rubbed on chicken or pork before baking, searing, grilling, anything…. it’s the bee’s knees. It’s just enough of everything without buying expensive premade marinades and rubs from the grocery store.

I’ve also tried things like adding it to my popcorn oil, mixing it in with granola and nuts and although they were tasty, I have a feeling they were also an acquired taste for most. Do you have a favorite thing to add curry paste to? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)