5 Tricks To Help Grown-Ups Eat Breakfast

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ve never been a huge breakfast eater. I’d much rather wait until 10:30 or so when I can legally eat a burger or more traditional lunch food, but by then I’m usually fighting off a headache and getting grumpy. Since being a jerk is uncool these days, I’ve found a few ways to trick myself into remembering to eat breakfast.

1. The Power of a New Condiment: A new sweet condiment is a good thing. I might not feel like the pains of making bagel or fresh plate of eggs, but with a nice fig jam or a fancy sauce, the lure becomes much stronger.

2. Buy What You Like to Eat: Although this seems rather basic, those who are breakfast skippers have a hard time justifying the cost of actually eating what they like (or maybe it’s just me). I end up buying oatmeal and eggs when what I really want is a breakfast burrito with pickled carrots on the side. Buy what you like, eat what you like and quick trying to cut corners.

3. Turn On the Radio: Mornings are busy. Everyone knows that, but for some reason, when the radio is turned on or your favorite Genius mix is played, no one wants to go to work. It’s easier to cook and be a little more relaxed when things are done to good tunes.

4. Eat When You’re Hungry: Just because you’re up and getting ready for work it doesn’t mean you’re hungry. Are you hungry at 9:30 once you’ve already been at the office for a few hours? Tailor your breakfast to a quick snack at your desk. Maybe it’s not a full plate of pancakes and hash browns, but eating when you actually have the desire to do so will grow the rest of your habits (like finding things you want to eat).

5. K.I.S.S.: What does that stand for? KISS stands for keep it simple stupid. Sometimes in my own brain I think breakfast has to be bigger than it is. It has to be more gourmet or more like the things I see on the internet. It can be as simple as peanut butter and celery or a piece of toast. Don’t over-complicate things and you’ll soon be out of excuses why you shouldn’t be eating the most important meal of the day.

(Image: Fried Egg Kale Toast by Megan Fizell of Feasting on Art)