5 Tricks For Eating Small Meals Throughout the Day

5 Tricks For Eating Small Meals Throughout the Day

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 14, 2013

Although "three square meals a day" is what we always hear, some say you can keep your metabolism up and beat that 3 o'clock slump by eating more frequently. The only problem is, between emails, carpool, conference calls and more, it's not always that easy. Here are a few tricks to help you when you're trying to eat smaller meals throughout the day:

1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare: Nothing counters a run to the vending machine or corner store like being prepared with snacks. The only problem is, healthier options usually involve a little work. But taking 30 minutes one day a week to cut vegetables, fill tupperware, and bag up little handfuls of nuts can save you calories and a growling stomach!

2. Find Things You Actually Like To Eat: So you stumble across a few healthy snack options online and you pack them up and haul them to work. The hunger hits, but the only problem is they don't sound as awesome now that they're in your desk drawer. Pick things you really want to eat, not what the internet says to.

3. Cater To Your Cravings: Knowing your body means you can cater to it. Have both salty and sweet items on hand to satisfy your particular craving. That way you won't feel unsatisfied.

4. Set an Alarm: It might sound silly, but an alarm every three hours can be a helpful reminder to eat. It's easy to get bogged down with work and before you know it the day has slipped away. Keep yourself in check with your cell phone!

5. Keep Goals in Mind: Remember you're trying to eat smaller meals more frequently, so resist the urge to pile food on your plate. In a few hours you'll be eating again, and you'll feel better about it!

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