5 Tips To Cool Your Kitchen While You Work

5 Tips To Cool Your Kitchen While You Work

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 5, 2010

We can talk about no-cook snacks and quick dinners or things to eat that are completely cool. But no matter what there's still prep work to be done in the kitchen, and if yours is anything like ours — well, let's just say we don't need to hang out in the sauna at the gym anymore. Here are a few tricks to keep your kitchen cool while getting your meals to the table.

1. Let Your Dishwasher Air Dry: Although most dishwashers don't give off a great deal of heat, when the temperatures are up, even a little can feel like too much. Try turning the heat off and opening the door at the end of the cycle to let them get a little fresh air. We bet they'll be dry in no time at all!

2. Boil Pastas and Potatoes Early In The Morning: Although most people aren't up at 6am boiling pasta for the nightly meal, taking on the chore before you have to stand in the kitchen for an extended period of time will help keep you cool. Just toss the pasta with a little water or oil and keep in the fridge until you need it later on. While you're away at work, the kitchen can cool back down and dinner will assemble that much faster!

3. Single Light Source: In modern kitchens, many of us have under cabinet lighting, overhead lighting, lamp lighting and even additional task lighting. Pick one source . The extra lights can make you feel like you're standing on the sun and turning them off will save you on your monthly utility bills if you can reduce their use.

4. Use Smaller Appliances When Possible: We'd never been big on toaster ovens, they were just one more thing to sit on the counter. After a recent move when we won't have our gas line in the kitchen connected for awhile, we found ourselves relying on our new found best friend, the toaster oven. It does the same job in far (far) less time and although it does take up extra space, we're eating sooner and the kitchen isn't stifling when we're done!

5. Fan + Towel = Awesome: Although you can usually tell how hot it is in the kitchen by how salty the soup is, no meal should be 1 part food to two parts sweat. Try using a small fan with a wet towel over the front of it to keep a steady cool breeze throughout the space. The towel will help keep the winds down so you don't blow things off the counter and by making it wet, you can reduce the temperature up to 5 whole degrees! Sweet!

Do you have a heat reducing tip that works in your space? Share it with us below so we can all work a little smarter!

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