5 Tips for Skewering Foods for the Grill

updated Jul 24, 2019
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(Image credit: Christine Gallary)

For some reason, eating something off a stick just makes it more fun. Maybe it’s because you’re probably eating outside, or maybe it’s because you don’t need utensils or even a plate. Regardless, skewers should be a staple in your grilling routine, so here are a couple of tips for successful summer skewering!

(Image credit: Christine Gallary)

1. Double Skewer

Ever pick up a skewer and have the food spin and flop around it? Thread two skewers parallel to each other to make sure the food stays put.

2. Skewer the Same Foods

While skewers loaded with a variety of vegetables and meats may look attractive, the items on there don’t probably cook at the same rate. By the time the meat is cooked, the vegetables may be overcooked or the onions still crunchy. It’s better to have foods that cook at the same rate on the same skewer so that they can be cooked properly.

3. Don’t Just Skewer, Thread

For shrimp or thin slices of meat, thread them through more than one point with the skewer, and always skewer the items at their widest point to ensure the most surface area comes in contact with the grill for quicker, even cooking.

(Image credit: Robyn Mackenzie)

4. Use Edible Skewers

Add extra flavor to your grilled foods by using edible skewers like cinnamon sticks or rosemary sprigs instead.

5. Anchor Your Skewers

Since most foods shrink as they cook, use a chunk of onion to anchor the ends of your skewers so that the rest of the food doesn’t fall off.

If you have other tips for successful skewering, we’d love to hear them!