5 Good Deals I’ve Found on Groceries at Whole Foods

updated May 1, 2019
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During my years living in New York City I’ve made the rounds, shopping at nearly every major grocery store, trying to determine which ones really have good products, and more importantly, good values. While I discovered that there’s not one perfect solution for the best or most inexpensive place to shop, I did find a few things that were — unexpectedly! — good deals at Whole Foods.

While I expected Whole Foods (referred to as “Whole Paycheck” by some) to sit near the top of the list of high-priced grocers, in some areas I actually discovered it to be more affordable than I expected. Yes, they offer high-priced specialty items and pricey premium cuts of meat and fish, but they also have quite a few items under their 365 Everyday Value line that can be more affordable than competing brands at other stores.

And this isn’t just true for New York City. While grocery prices vary from city to city, and store to store, there are many times when Whole Foods proves to be a well-priced, even lower-priced option.

5 Groceries I Buy at Whole Foods

1. Olive Oil

If you’re looking for a super fancy $30 bottle of specialty olive oil, you can probably find it at Whole Foods. On the other hand, the 365 Everyday Value (both organic and non-organic) olive oil is remarkably affordable, and less than competing brands at other stores.

2. Organic Milk

Organic milk can be expensive, and prices between brands can really run the gamut. On the lower end of the scale is Whole Foods organic milk.

3. Non-Dairy Milks

The 365 Everyday Value brand of non-dairy milks, including nut milks and soy milk, are frequently lower priced than I find elsewhere.

4. Organic Frozen Vegetables

I love fresh produce, but as I’ve mentioned before, it’s extremely convenient to keep a selection of frozen vegetables handy. I’ve found that the 365 Everyday Value brand was one of the cheaper options out there.

5. Cereal Bars

Whole Foods carries a number of pantry and snack items that are priced lower than other markets. The one I found most notable was the 365 Everyday Value fruit-filled cereal bars.

Do you shop at Whole Foods? What items have you found to be less expensive?