5 Things You Should Be Grilling But Probably Aren't

5 Things You Should Be Grilling But Probably Aren't

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 13, 2012

For the better part of a year I used nothing but my grill to cook. I was in the midst of a home renovation, and I had an electric skillet, but the grill was by far the first choice. Because of that I learned to grill a few unusual things you might not normally think of!

1. Fruit (All Of It): Most fruit can be grilled, even fruit you'd think would be too soggy, like watermelon. Make sure your grill is already hot and leave them on just long enough to put marks on the surface and singe a bit of the sweet sugar inside.

2. Celery Root: Take large slices of this knobby root vegetable and lay them over indirect heat. They'll be seared on the outside and creamy on the inside when they're done!

3. Shellfish: Grilled shellfish are quick and easy. In only two minutes they open and can go straight into a tasty broth, butter sauce, or eaten right off the grill grates!

4. Cake: Why would you take a perfectly good piece of cake and put it on the grill? Simple. For texture. Place a piece of solid cake (pound cake is a good example) and let it sit for a few moments on the grill. Top with your favorite ice cream for an extra texture and smokiness!

5. Meatloaf: Slice your finished product for extra tasty sandwiches or pretty presentation!

Do you grill anything unusual? Let us know in the comments below!

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(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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