5 Things You Must Have for Washing Dishes in Your Dorm

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Even if you’re just microwaving soup, popping popcorn, or making mac and cheese, you’ll have to do dishes at some point in your college dorm room. And unless you’re living in a suite with a kitchenette, it’s going to be a pain. Hopefully you’ll have a separate sink for washing dishes, but if not — you’ll have to take your dirty hot cocoa mug to the bathroom to wash up there.

Regardless of where you’re doing your dishes, there are five things you need to have in your dishwashing kit.

5 Things You Must Have for Washing Dishes in Your Dorm

  1. Dish Soap: Duh, of course you need dish soap. But before you stock up on a big bottle of it at Costco or Target, think about the fact that you’re not going to have much space. Opt for the smallest bottle of dish soap you can find, and dilute it a little bit. You won’t be doing dishes that often, so this should last you just fine.
  2. Dish Wand: A dish wand — the kind with the soap built into the handle — is the best choice for a college dorm because it streamlines your dish-washing process. You don’t have to worry about bringing the dish soap each time, and you can easily dilute the soap so you aren’t wasting it.
  3. Microfiber Towel & Dish Towel: Why do you need two towels? Mostly because your dorm probably isn’t going to have a dish-drying rack. That means that once you’ve rinsed and maybe even dried your clean dishes, you’re going to have to set them down on the counter. So before you start your dishes, lay out your microfiber towel and use it as drying rack. The dish towel, we hope, is pretty self-explanatory.
  4. Caddy or Tote: Just like you use a shower caddy to carry your shampoo and conditioner down the hall, you’ll need something to keep your cleaning supplies organized as well. Just make sure it’s easy to store in your closet or on a shelf.
  5. Cleaning Wipes: This might seem a little counterintuitive, but stick with us. No, you’re not going to use them on your dishes. Instead, stash a small package of them with your dishes kit, so you can wipe out the sink you’re using before you start cleaning your dishes.

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