5 New Coffee Things to Try in the New Year

(Image credit: John Tornow)cc by 2.0

If you are like me — and as a reader of this column I am going to assume that you are — you drink a lot of coffee.

As a habitual coffee drinker who loves to explore the world of coffee, sometimes it’s hard to think about what I can do to expand my coffee horizons. I’m also a purist, which means that when it comes to the coffee routine, you’d be hard pressed to find me experimenting with crazy iced caramel latte recipes or anything of the like. A good cup of coffee just shouldn’t be messed with in my opinion. Unless of course you want to add cardamom.

However, there are a few coffee related things that I have been wanting to try, and what better time to commit to trying them then at the beginning of the new year? I’ve put together a list of all the things I want to do with coffee this coming year; feel free to join me in trying one or all of them!

Here is to a tasty new year full of good cups of coffee.

1. Dye with coffee

This one has nothing to do with drinking, but it is something I have been wanting to try for quite some time now. Both coffee and tea can be used as a natural dye for both textiles and paper. What about a coffee-friendly stationery set so you can send cards to all your coffee addict friends?

2. Cook with coffee

I was in Australia at the end of last year, and at Melbourne’s famed cafe and coffee roaster SevenSeeds, I ate a brunch dish that included coffee roasted carrots. It was amazing. There are plenty of recipes out there that include coffee, and while I have baked with it in the past, I have yet to use it in savory dishes. The time has come.

3. Brew kombucha with coffee

Yes, apparently this can be done. Having never tried it I will not attest to whether it tastes good or not, but I am thinking that a fermented, effervescent cold brew is definitely worth trying. If only for the mere novelty of it.

4. Make coffee jam

Yes, this too can be done. I’ve seen a recipe for coffee jelly, but I am determined to come up with a recipe that incorporates a few other flavors. Which leaves me thinking: what fruits would pair well with coffee? I am open to suggestions.

5. Master the art of the coffee cocktail

From coffee champagne cocktails to homemade coffee liqueur, there are plenty of boozy coffee combinations that I am looking forward to trying. I plan to figure out which ones I like best, so I am sure there will be a few coffee cocktail evenings in 2015.

Any other ideas for interesting ways to use coffee in 2015?