5 Things To Start Now For Holiday Party Planning

5 Things To Start Now For Holiday Party Planning

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 5, 2011

Holidays! What? Surely we can't be serious! Oh, but we are. One of the things that always seems to define the type of holiday party you want to throw and the kind you'd like to throw is money. It's the root of all evil and also usually a necessity when feeding large groups of people. Here's a few things to start looking at now for all your festivities to be held later.

Here's a few ideas that might be worth a thought now and then again in a few months when you're ready to really nail down ideas. Either way, nothing bad can come from a little advanced planning and preparation!

1. Budget: A budget doesn't happen overnight and if you're like most people who are paid every two weeks, that means you only have 8 paychecks left till December is already started. If you want to throw a big party, awesome. Small? Cool! Just make sure you save a bit here and a bit there as you're able to do so.

2. Decor: We've talked many times about how to set a table and sometimes we do the best work with the things in our house at the last minute. That said, if we had a chance to design the table we really wanted without having our thoughts invaded by all the other last minute items we need to accomplish just imagine what you could do!

3. Invitations: E-vites are cool in their own right, but just think about how special it is to receive real, paper based mail that comes to your mailbox. These days it's usually only for bills, but sending out traditional options can be more costly and might require some savings or shopping around to get them sent out in time for RSVPing!

4. Save The Date: By sending out your invitations sooner it means you get first dibs on the date you'd like to claim. With so many holiday parties for work, friends and family, it's easy to feel like you just get what's left. Check out city calendars, chat with family on Facebook about their plans and hash out the best time before all the good dates are taken!

5. Sales: So you don't really plan for a sale, but if you are already starting to think about the core of your menu, being able to watch for the more expensive things on your list to go on sale can be quite beneficial. Plus, if you find a steal of a deal on a specific type of meat, you could easily tailor your menu around it. Keep in mind friends and family with chest freezers that might be able to hold onto things for you if you're freezer space is on the small side.

How early do you start your holiday planning? Share your thoughts on things you wish you always thought of or prepared for sooner in the comments below!

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