5 Things to Organize at Night Every Day This Week

published Jul 17, 2017
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My nights (like yours, probably) are jam-packed — home from work, cook dinner, get the kids to bed, and try to go to bed myself by 9:45 in order to get my full eight hours before the next day begins again. But nothing makes me sleep better than feeling like my home is clean and that I accomplished what I wanted to that day — which might explain why I love to organize my kitchen before I go to bed.

No matter how brain-dead you’re feeling (or how badly you want to hang out outside right up until bedtime!) this week, you should try organizing these things after dinner, and before you hit the sack.

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Monday: Your Spices

In the midst of preparing your gourmet-ish meal, you’ve pulled out a half-dozen spices and oils … so what’s left in that panty? Pull out whatever’s in there that’s just about done or you know you never use — and if you’re not sure how often you use them, take a minute now to write today’s date on them with a Sharpie. If it takes more than six months to finish that spice, it’s time to let go.

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Tuesday: Pots & Pans

Same premise — either while the food is cooking or the pots and pans are drying in the dish rack, take stock of what’s still in the cabinets. If you have three small saucepans but there’s one you use time after time, donate the other two. You only have four burners (maybe five if you’re fancy), right?

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Wednesday: Cleaning Supplies

You just swept the floor. Good for you! Before you put back your supplies, take a minute to weed out any supplies or gadgets you don’t really use for day-to-day (or year-to-year) cleaning.

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Thursday: Leftovers

Dinner’s done and the food is packed up — before you tuck it into the fridge, take out all the leftovers from the week (and maybe last week if you’ve got those in there). Now is your chance to assess what’s in there before Friday pizza night and the rest of the weekend. What will you actually eat? What should you move to the freezer? What should you toss? Also, do this every week! Not just this Thursday.

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Friday: The Bar

We’re not big cocktail makers in my house. If you’re not either, consider taking a look at that brandy, port, cheap-o vodka, and whatever that liquor is you decanted into a decanter just because you liked the decanter. Think about what you’re going to really going to drink or serve to guests. Then, make yourself a drink (you deserve it!) and pour the unwanted alcohol down the drain.

What other little organizing tasks do you do at night?