5 Things to Double-Check Before You Go to the Grocery Store Today

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Making one last trip to the grocery store before Thanksgiving? You may have double-checked your recipes for all necessary ingredients, but what about other kitchen supplies you’ll need on the big day? No one wants to head to the grocery store on Thursday for trash bags. Check you have these five things in stock now.

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1. Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper

Okay, so this is actually a three-in-one point: Check that your stock of kitchen wrap is plentiful! You’ll need aluminum foil to tent your turkey and cover the stuffing before you bake it. Don’t have a roasting pan? You can also use aluminum foil to make a crumpled foil rack to hold your turkey. If you plan to line your baking or pie pans, definitely make sure you’ve got some parchment paper on hand. And plastic wrap? That’ll come in handy to keep dishes covered before dinner.

2. Paper towels

Even if you don’t normally like to use paper towels in the kitchen, it’s nice to have a roll on hand for such a major cooking event as Thanksgiving. Use a sheet to pat your turkey dry or to stabilize a makeshift carving board.

3. Trash bags

Do you have enough? You don’t want to run out when you have a house full of people and a lot of food scraps.

4. Dish soap and/or dishwasher detergent

Likewise, with so many dishes getting used for all that cooking and eating, it would be a major bummer to load up your sink or dishwasher after the feast only to find you’re out of detergent.

5. To-go containers for leftovers

Maybe you plan on sending home leftovers in your own dishes, and trust your friends and family will get those dishes back to you. If not, then pick up a few disposable containers to fill up and give away!

Any other things you like to make sure you have on hand for Thanksgiving?