Forget the Bread: 5 Other Foods You Can Use To Make a Sandwich

091912-wrapshot.jpg Is a sandwich still a sandwich if those yummy ingredients aren’t bookended with sliced bread? We won’t take time to debate the logistics, but we do know there are other options! Want to see what’s on the list?

1. Tortillas: Yeah, this isn’t a novel idea, but a list has to start somewhere, right? Get crazy and check out flavored wraps or even giant ones found at different ethnic markets!

2. Spring Roll Wrappers: These paper thin pieces are perfect for holding in more than spring rolls. Although peanut butter and jelly might not be super awesome, egg salad and a pickle would be delicious!

3. Lettuce/Kale: Before it was cool to forgo the bun, I’ve been wrapping anything that will sit still up in lettuce. Just remember to eat quick if you’re adding something warm such as a burger or piece of crispy fish!

4. Pounded Chicken/Turkey: There really aren’t enough dishes that involve the use of a meat mallet. Bust out your aggression and pound your poultry paper thin. Cook it up in a flash and use your protein to hold in all the other goods!

5. Pita/Lavash: Although both of these items are still technically bread, they aren’t used in the conventional manner and we’re going to count them in. They can be a great way to dress up a basic or traditional meal or serve up something new when entertaining.

What other favorite ways do you have to wrap up those tasty sandwich ingredients besides your regular old sliced bread? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member Vegan Feast Catering licensed for use by Creative Commons)