5 Things To Do With That Little Bit Of Leftover Smoothie

published Jun 5, 2012
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(Image credit: Sarah Rae Smith)

Smoothies are a great way to put a little fruit in your diet, especially during the hot summer months. They can keep you cool and are fun to make, but my problem is I can never make the right amount! Maybe it’s the size of my glass or oversized fruit choices, but after my glass is full, there’s always just a little left! Here are five things you can do with smoothie leftovers:

1. Ice Cube Trays: Simply toss that smoothie back into an ice cube tray and freeze it again. Then it’s available to toss into your next creation or a glass of lemonade.

2. Paper Cups: Little bits of smoothie can be a great popsicle snack. If you have a mold, that’s extra awesome, just pour it in. If not, try using small paper cups or even coffee cups with sticks until things are frozen solid.

3. Add Them To Baked Goods: You can usually sub in a little pureed fruit for fats in many recipes. Brownies are a great one to test this out on. Just keep the mix in the fridge for up to a week and put them to use next time you turn on the oven.

4. Silpat + Oven: Make your own fruit leather. Pace your puree on a silpat in the oven on 200 degrees and let things gel. You can freeze the fruit first and then thaw things all at once to make it in larger batches. This trick works best on non-dairy smoothies.

5. Pudding Please: Make your own or use packets from the grocery store, but an extra cup of liquid can be a great thing to mix into your pudding. Simply replace an equal part of regular milk, let set and enjoy.