5 Things to Do with Leftover Fruit Salad

published Aug 25, 2016
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A light, refreshing fruit salad is a great way to wrap up a summer cookout. But it’s all too easy to get carried away when you’re cutting up your fruit and end up with a giant bowl that’s way more than you need. The leftover fruit salad may be great over your yogurt the next morning, but soon after it starts to look sad and slightly mushy.

Here are five ways to use up fruit salad that’s just past its prime.

1. Add the fruit to smoothies.

Tossed in the blender, you’ll never know that fruit salad isn’t at its peak anymore. Leftovers of any mix of fruit are great blended with yogurt or just ice into a quick and satisfying smoothie.

2. Cook it down into a quick fruit sauce.

Simmer the fruit salad with a little sugar and water and it will cook down into a warm compote. Serve it over pancakes or waffles, ice cream, or yogurt.

3. Freeze it to make fruit ice cubes.

Fill an ice cube tray with the fruit and water, freeze until solid, and you’ve got colorful and flavorful ice cubes to add to your summer drinks. Drop a handful into a glass of water, iced tea, or lemonade for a fruity twist.

4. Stir up a pitcher of sangria.

Consider that leftover fruit salad an excuse to make sangria. Since the fruit is already cut up, stirring up a pitcher is that much easier.

5. Make an easy fruit sorbet or granita.

Blend the fruit salad with water and sugar and churn it in an ice cream machine for sorbet or freeze it in a flat container and scrape for granita. Either dessert is a sweet way to cool you down.

Got any brilliant ways of helping your fruit salad meet a more graceful end?